Apa Guna Musik Dalam Politik (Internasional)?

Terus terang tidak banyak studi yang mendokumentasikan peranan musik dalam hubungan internasional

Announcing International Bitter Day (CD Edition)


Nine Years With The Osaka Journals

Staying true to their moniker, Sajama Cut defies categorization. While some of the biggest small indie bands in the early new millennium made a conscious decision to go it alone, Sajama Cut made a deal with the devil, inking a distribution contract with Universal. The end result of signing with a major label: No physical copies of their second record, The Osaka Journals, ever hit the shelves.

Fami Redwan Melds Past Musical Influences for Eclectic Solo EP

Fami Redwan is not a new name on the independent music scene of Makassar, South Sulawesi.


Reissue Album

The Osaka Journals Piringan hitam yang terbungkus dengan artwork baru yang mewah dan unik.. Read more

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Lagu Tema Single pertama dari The Osaka Journals re-issue telah dirilis. Klik untuk mengunduh.. Read more

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